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Responsible Parasitism

The taxing, toxic talk of taxes being squandered on students of state universities who would rather attend rallies than their classes has been a...

Pompoms and Punchlines

Taking jokes seriously does not only make one a party pooper who shall be ignored, but also a killjoy (KJ) who shall not be...

In Defense of Blind Items

During times such as these when interconnectivity through the web coerces individuals to respond in real time and intrudes spaces to blur the public...

PDF Revolutions and Swarms

New year, new crises. Plummeting prices, degrading quality of life. But most citizen-consumers feel happy, it seems. The Philippines allegedly ranks third, among the...

Gallus Ignis, Angelus Novus, Lateralus

The series of “previews” (part translation, part summary, part review as noted in the last three column articles) shall end with Bomen Guillermo’s “Kawayan”...

The Small Press and Anti-Feudal Pedagogy

Author’s note: From now, until the end of the year, I shall write in English about articles originally written in Filipino, share thoughts regarding...
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