Urban poor resident suffers miscarriage due to demolition threats

Sitio San Roque is part of the Quezon City Central Business District (QCBD), a joint venture between the National Housing Authority (NHA) and Ayala Corporation. The QCCBD will cover a total of 256 hectares of land to be turned into a “mixed-use community” for residential and commercial use. (Photo by A. Umil/Bulatlat)


MANILA – A resident of a community in Quezon City suffered a miscarriage after being harassed by a security guard, threatening them to demolish their homes, an urban poor group reported.

“They thrive on generating fear within the community only to make way for their multi-billion endeavor. It shows how those in power, public and private sector, put a premium on profits while neglecting the fact that the residents have a legitimate basis for staying and then punishing them for it. Even if it costs the life of someone as innocent as an unborn child,” Gloria Arellano of Kadamay said.

In a statement released by Kadamay, the group said that Sitio San Roque resident Yolanda Ladiao was three months into the pregnancy of her second child when she began to profusely bleed on Tuesday evening. The bleeding continued for the next two days, until she collapsed earlier yesterday, June 20, and was brought to the hospital.

Ladiao remains confined after doctors confirmed her miscarriage.

Earlier that day, Kadamay said that security guards hired by the private land developer began to harass Ladiao and her family, telling them to tear down their own home. The confrontation eventually led to one of the guards to take out his gun “in a threatening fashion.”

The guards then demolished parts of their home and told them not to join rallies.

Kadamay, in its statement, condemned the incident as heartless and increased the “bar of terror in the community.” They plan to file charges against the perpetrators.

Residents of Sitio San Roque are facing threats of demolition to give way to a business district in Quezon City.(http://bulatlat.com)

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