July 18, 2018

The Shoot-in-the-Vagina Order is a Macho-fascist Lecherous Inanity Without Balls – NUPL Women Lawyers

Women members of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), joined by their male colleagues, called the latest tirade of President Duterte addressing his soldiers to shoot female NPA rebels in their vaginas as a “vicious, violent and vile attack against all Filipino women by a macho-fascist President who has no balls to address the root causes of poverty and the fundamental problems of the country.” […]


Ang Tumitinding Pasakit ng Rehimen

Download pdf here Humahagupit ang dagdag na pahirap sa naghihirap nang mamamayan sa ikalawang taon ng panunungkulan ni Presidente Duterte. Pangunahing lumatay ang pagpapatupad ng kanyang gobyerno ng pasaning buwis mula sa Tax Reform for […]

The IBON 2018 Midyear Birdtalk

The Duterte administration has marked its second year in office. It was ushered into power amid a popular clamor for change but has earned international criticism for its controversial war on drugs and human rights […]